MAZE / 迷宫

MAZE 迷宫                                                    

Random Maze Builder 自建随机迷宫

SUPER MAZE 超级迷宫                            

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Genius Solver List 走超级迷宫天才名录

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ABOUT *** right click mouse to fix, left click to close this window.
3D Maze developed by Phil Stricker
3D Maze Translated and modified by Web Master
  • The maze starts at North West corner, maze exit at South East corner.
  • Use key board arrow keys to make move. When using iPad, touch screen center to move forward, lower corners to turn.
  • Do remember your current coordinate and direction, the only way to prevent you getting lost.
  • You may close your broswer even computer, maze remembers your last postion and you can start from where you left. No play time limitation.
  • When you exit the maze, you will receive a code, please write down the code and use contact form to submit the code to web master, your name will be listed on Genius 3D Maze Solver page.
关于 *** 点击滑鼠右键固定,左键关闭信息框
立体迷宫软件编写:Phil Stricker
  • 迷宫从西北角开始,出口在东南角。
  • 按键盘方向键移动。使用iPad时点屏幕中央向前,点其他地方转向。
  • 记住你当前移动的坐标和方向,防止迷路。
  • 即使你关掉浏览器甚至电脑,迷宫记住你的位置,下次你还可以接下去走迷宫。游戏没有时间限制。
  • 当你走出迷宫,你会收到一个号码,请记下这个号码,并将这个号码通过联系管理员发送给管理员, 你的名字会登上走立体迷宫天才网页。
HOW TO SOLVE SUPER MAZE *** right click mouse to fix, left click to close this window.
  • Click and save the super maze you like to solve to your computer.
  • Super Maze is too big to be printed on regular paper, you need an image viewer to trace your moves.
  • If you do not have one, you can download an excellent free (for personal and noncommercial use) FASTSTONE IMAGE VIEWER HERE.
  • Run Faststone Image Viewer from your computer, select the super maze you like to solve, click on menu bar, then click and star tracing your moves.
  • You may save your moves at any time and resume your moving following above steps.
  • When you have solved the super maze please submit you solved super maze image HERE, your name will be listed on Genius Super Maze Solver page.
如何走超级迷宫 *** 点击滑鼠右键固定,左键关闭信息框
  • 点击你要走的超级迷宫并保存到你的电脑中。
  • 超级迷宫太大无法打印出来在纸上走,你需要一款看图软件来走超级迷宫。使用中文界面:Settings -> Language -> Chinese (Simplified)
  • 如果你没有看图软件,你可以在这里下载一款极好用的免费软件(供个人和非商业用途)FASTSTONE IMAGE VIEWER。建议下载不用安装,解压即可用的文件
  • 用FASTSTONE IMAGE VIEWER选好你要走的超级迷宫,然后点击菜单上的,然后点击画你的通道。
  • 你可以保存走了一半的超级迷宫,回头重复上述步骤继续走超级迷宫。
  • 当你走出超级迷宫,请将走出的超级迷宫图保存并点击这里发送, 你的名字会登上走超级迷宫天才网页。